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Our Treats are tested by The Analytical Feed and Food Laboratory
which meets the standards of the Florida Department of Agriculture
 - more than that we feed them to our own Spoiled Babies and
must meet our even higher standards


Our own Veterinarian Dr. Patty and Dr. Woon and their Techs and Teammates at All Paws Animal Clinic know what is Best for their 4 Legged Friends feed Aunt Bea's Treats.


Aunt Bea's Nutritious

Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

Specially Formulated with Nutritionist's
and Veterinarian's input

Made by Passionate Pet Lovers

Super Fresh Tasting Treats

Proudly American


• Freeze-dried, high quality hand-made, delicious pet treats

• Authentic recipes, restaurant-quality super fresh gourmet ingredients

• Nutritious delicacies curated with food scientists and nutritionists

• Freeze-dried technology that preserves natural colors, structure, minerals and raw flavors


Made from high quality, restaurant-grade fresh meats, hand-made yummy treats sold directly to you ( not through stores or Amazon) You and Your Pet Come First - so only the Freshest and Best!

Restaurant Quality Meats with no fillers
or preservatives - Flash Frozen
then Freeze-Dried and into
our Mylar re-sealable bags with their distinctive sound when you shake them

- Shake the Bag and They come running!

Chef Ross is Le Cordon Bleu School trained and an Executive Chef at a Resort in Utah -

he introduced us to Sous Vide Cooking - Low and Slow not Hot and Boiling

 - and one of the reasons why our Chicken and Turkey Breast are AMAZING

 - and like None Other

The Treats Top Breeders Choose

"I feed all my Queens and my Babies Aunt Bea's Treats. These treats are a big part of my weaning process.

We've tried ALL the flavors and we've never had any tummy issues, in fact, my kittens beg for these. I'm a very happy customer and give Aunt Bea's Treats to all my Adopters for their Kittens - to continue the process."

Ragdoll Breeder who has the #1 Kitten in the USA

"Nicky’s treats always arrive quickly.  He greets the box at the door like the excited pampered pet he is.  The quality of Aunt Bea’s treats is the best on the market.  They are sealed in mylar stay fresh packaging and are always fresh.  Aunt Bea’s order always contains a new surprise toy which my purr baby loves.  My veterinarian is very pleased with my baby’s weight and health.  His coat is shiny and beautiful.  Aunt Bea loves our babies and it shows!"

L. S. Naples, Fl

"to our Bentley - Ocean Whitefish is like CRACK"

D & J Buckingham, FL

"We have 7 cats and each one comes running when they hear the bag opening. Truthfully they come running when that cabinet is opened. They love it so much and it feels good to give them something healthy, nutritious and tasty. They turn up their noses at most store bought treats which is a real waste of money for us.

They love these so much that we have been able to use them as rewards for doing little tricks. Try them, you were certainly be happy, so will the kits and puppers. "

 T.U. St. Petersburg, FL

"We feed our own dogs - Aunt Bea's Hand-Made Freeze-Dried Treats"

Store Manager & @Restaurant Depot

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